Why Can’t You Get a “REAL” Job?

Most camgirls will hear this statement from someone close to them at some point in their camming career.

A job in the sex industry is still a job. As in any profession, there are people who take their jobs seriously and people who don’t. The sex industry is no different.

I’m not sure what makes our jobs an less real than any other self-employed person. Everyone self-employed is responsible for their schedule, hours worked, productivity, business savvy, marketing, image and reputation and, to a large degree, their income. Sex work is no different.

Lori Ames JobJust like anyone else in any other job, we get up, dress for work, put in hours, do unpaid work required by our jobs, grocery shop, do laundry, and balance our personal and work lives as best we can. We earn income, pay taxes, and pay our bills just like anyone else.

Our attire may be different and our office might be a bedroom, and we still have to schedule, market, and network ourselves. To be successful and have longevity, we need to work far more hours than what people see on cam, we need to research, pay attention to industry changes, test different ideas, stay tuned in to our audience, and always be marketing.

I’ve heard all of the following statements and more:

  • “How can you be tired? All you did was shake your boobs on camera for a few hours.”
  • “Research? What is there to research?”
  • “You have a fucking college degree! Why can’t you get a normal job and have an actual profession?”
  • “How can you do that? It’s degrading! You’re better than that.”
  • “You’re so smart. Why are you doing this?”
  • “I’d love to be you. You don’t work; you just get paid to masturbate.”

I don’t blame people for having misconceptions. When you don’t know about something, you don’t know. However, instead of denigrating the work, maybe practice curiosity and learn a little about what the job and workday are like. Ask questions. Engage. Explore.

Camming is often hard work. Sometimes, it’s long work. Like any business owner, our business’s success is up to us. Is camming a “real job”? Yes. Does every camgirl treat it like it’s a real job? No, but that doesn’t mean the work isn’t real.