What Do You Like Best About Camming?

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“What do you like best about camming?”

This is such a hard question! I don’t think I can pick ONE thing I like best about camming. How about three things?


If I did have to pick one thing, I would choose freedom. Camming provides a lot of freedom. Camgirls can decide their own hours, we can vary our schedules around family or other work needs, and it allows flexibility for those who are challenged with medical conditions.

Freedom also means having some control over income. While we can’t necessarily create all good days, if we need more money, we can work more hours, offer special deals to increase sales, or change our show ideas to attract new fans. We can go on vacation when we want to and, if a personal situation comes up in our lives, we can choose not to log on and broadcast.

camgirlWith that freedom comes the need for self-discipline and responsibility if a camgirl wants to be successful. There are many who are content coasting along making the minimum, and there are others who work crazy hours to make as much as possible. Camming allows both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.


Camming is incredibly creative. Camming accommodates a range of styles, and there are infinite possibilities for new shows. Any prop can be used in camming, fetishes can be explored, camera angles and lighting can be tinkered with, marketing can be done a variety of ways, and there are loads of opportunities to try new things, camsites, and various activities within the industry.

I’ve learned so much about fetishes, I’ve explored a lot of sexual variety, and I’ve found new sexually-related activities I really enjoy — all because of camming. Members bring a plethora of needs, desires, and quirks to our camrooms. There is never a day where I don’t learn something or get to explore some new creative aspect of sexuality I hadn’t considered before.


Lastly, camming is fun. Certainly it’s a job, and most of us work pretty hard. We have our good days and bad days just like anyone else in any other job. However, the good days tend to be really really good. We log off high on life that we had so much fun with the members on cam, that we laughed so much, danced so much, played so much, explored so much, and made money as well. Camming can truly be amazing!

It can also suck. There are shifts where we make nothing, or average $2.38 an hour, or have to deal with nasty people or trolls, but that’s all part of the job. Most camgirls cam because they really like it, and that means the job is fun far more than it isn’t.

I love camming and am very grateful I discovered and tried it. It’s done so much positive for my life, and I really enjoy the camsite members and other camming women I’ve gotten to know. Camming isn’t for everybody, but for those it fits, it’s a great opportunity and offers a lot of benefits.