If Camming Isn’t Easy Money, Why Does Anyone Do It?

It can be hard to convince people that camming is “real work”. However, once they realize how much work goes into a successful camming business, a common next question is, “Why would anyone do it?”

Sex work is stigmatized, and I think this statement has its roots in the social stigma. People often associate sex workers as women (and men) who are down-and-out and lacking in choices.

cabana-1 - CopyPeople seem to understand sex work if it’s quick, easy money. When they begin to learn it isn’t quick or easy, it boggles their mind that there are thousands of women who choose this life.

Indeed, we do! Most of us really like it.

Someone close to me asked me why I did it and how I could possibly like it.

For me, camming is fun, fulfilling, interesting, infinite, and complex. The work is incredibly creative, there’s a lot of freedom, it’s relatively safe, there are few limits on what we can do and try, it’s a constant exploration into humanity and human behavior, I’m always learning new things, and there’s tremendous room for improvement and finding your niche. There are few jobs that offer the same mix of creativity, freedom, suppleness, and mental/physical/sexual exploration and challenge.

There’s a reason a very high percentage of new camgirls only last weeks or a couple of months. It isn’t a fit for everybody. For those of us who do fit the camming life, most are very happy with camming, the benefits it provides, and the life we can achieve through it.

Why do we do it? Because we like it. Because it’s challenging. Because it matches our personalities and lifestyles. Because if we treat it like a business, our efforts bear fruit.