How Has Camming Changed You?

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“How has camming changed you?”

This is such a great question! It’s also a poignant one.

lori ames camgirl tableI tried camming in 2009 and didn’t like it. It was with much consternation I tried it again in 2013. I did a lot of research, joined forums, and learned as much as I could before I streamed for the first time. Having access to camming forums made all the difference in my attitude about it and in my success.

I had been through an unconscionably hellish time few years. I was beaten down, exhausted, suffering, and barely scraping by financially. I had interesting and enjoyable vanilla work and a few clients, but I was struggling with a medical issue that kept me from being very reliable.

One of the things that happened in the above-mentioned terrible time of my life is that I was sexually violated by someone in a position of power in my circle of healthcare professionals. It had a devastating effect on me, and I thought I would never heal from what this man had done.

Camming Changed All of That!

With camming, I started to regain my confidence, I started making a better living, and I started to explore sexuality again after several years of complete shutdown and fear.

Camming ended up being the best thing I ever could have done for myself! It healed me from so much hurt and allowed me to relearn how to feel safe, enjoy sex, and step back into self-confidence and self-ease. I am so grateful for all camming has given me! I would not be the same person today without it.

And, In General?

First of all, camming has allowed me to explore a tremendous amount of sexuality and play that I probably never would have been exposed to. While that also brings a certain amount of desensitization, the benefits far outweigh any negatives for me.

Those of you who have done sessions with me know I love roleplay, I  love dirty talk, and I love exploring fetishes! I have a creative and naughty mind and love acting out members’ fantasies. None (or little) of that pleasure and learning would have happened without camming.

Second, camming has allowed me to stand taller and be more confident. being in control of my camroom, having the ability to ban people who are abusive or annoying, and being able to share and uphold what I am and am not comfortable with has given me back the confidence I had before life went horribly awry. I missed that woman, and she’s back, largely thanks to camming.

Third, for me, being a camgirl feels delicious. I love working in the sex industry. I’ve been in and out of it for a long time, and camming is the funnest sex work I’ve ever done. It isn’t a secret, I don’t really care who knows, and I refuse to feel “less-than” or unworthy because I work in the sex industry. I feel I can be a positive force for education and a role model for women who may struggle with working in a stigmatized industry.

I really like it. I love that I can go to work naked. I love that I can broadcast or not broadcast as I choose. I love that I get paid to provide pleasure to others (and to myself). I love how much I’ve learned through camming and the interesting people I’ve met online. I genuinely like being a camgirl and am very happy I tried it a second time. It has surely changed my life so much for the better!